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Bunchberry Haiga



5 thoughts on “Bunchberry Haiga

  1. Hi Wendy, I could not be more surprised or delighted to be poking around in the nature blogs this morning and discover your beautiful rendition of bunch berries. When I was growing up in Maine, my grandfather was intent on teaching my brother and me ways to survive in the wilderness. I can still hear his robust voice as he pointed out the difference between the bunch berry and the snake berry (a similar plant, the berry of which, according to him, was poisonous.) As he nodded approval I identified and feasted on the fresh mint-y bunch berries that day and from then on. Yours is a beautiful blog, thank you for sharing your art with us. We are blessed. Vivian

    • Thank you, Vivian. I was happy to find out that these berries are edible for both us and wildlife (I checked online). I didn’t try any… but I took a picture. My husband and I may go hiking this weekend–I’ll have to try one now that I know they’re safe. Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful man. It’s nice to meet you. ❀

      • If I recall my lesson correctly, the leaves of the snake berry plant are shiny whereas the bunch berry leave are dull. There was also another contrasting point, which I don’t recall. It was a long time ago 🙂 Happy munching.

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