Purple Clematis Tanka

Purple Clematis Tanka and watercolor artwork by Wendy L. Macdonald for thesketchypoet.wordpress.com

purple clematis
climbing over the arbor
a resolution
to reach as high as I can
with my creative passions

~ wlm

I’ve begun writing tanka poetry on my Facebook page and decided to try one here too.

Although I’ve enjoyed writing haiku, I love the two extra lines the tanka allows.

This watercolor pencil painting was inspired by a photograph I took in my garden.

Are you aspiring to reach higher with your artwork?

Blessings for 2018 ~ Wendy

A Cute & Cozy Cottage


My remembrances

a cute and cozy cottage

our newlywed home

Wendy/ 2016


Recently I read in an old journal of mine what I’d written about our first home.

That’s when I realized this painting reminded me of it.

It’s no wonder I was attracted to it on Pinterest.

And of course I’ve taken artistic license as I could never be as accurate as a camera.


Cottage Blessings ~ Wendy