Purple Clematis Tanka

Purple Clematis Tanka and watercolor artwork by Wendy L. Macdonald for thesketchypoet.wordpress.com

purple clematis
climbing over the arbor
a resolution
to reach as high as I can
with my creative passions

~ wlm

I’ve begun writing tanka poetry on my Facebook page and decided to try one here too.

Although I’ve enjoyed writing haiku, I love the two extra lines the tanka allows.

This watercolor pencil painting was inspired by a photograph I took in my garden.

Are you aspiring to reach higher with your artwork?

Blessings for 2018 ~ Wendy

Trumpeter Swan Haiku


wintering swans

enduring all seasons



This Trumpeter swan haiga (watercolor pencil painting)

was inspired by a photograph I took of a pair of swans I saw at a local park.

My husband and I have walked through many seasons together since 1983;

we hope to see many more winters, springs, summers, and autumns

side by side.


All Seasons Blessings ~ Wendy

Birdhouse Vacancy Haiku


birdhouse vacancy

while tenants fly southward

and trees tough it out



I must confess that as December approaches,

I daydream about overwintering someplace warm and sunny.

But I’d miss my family and friends.

Warm Blessings ~ Wendy

Mallard Duck Haiku



Mallard duck couples

waddling, wading, and flying

always together


Wendy / 2016


I find birds challenging to photograph or paint;

but you only learn and improve if you take risks trying.

Relationships are like that too.

Blessings ~ Wendy

Diversity Haiku


multicolored leaves

growing from the same branch



Wendy / 2016


I painted this from a photograph I’d taken down by the dock.

It amazed me how different the leaves were from each other.

All beautiful. All family. Us.

Blessings ~ Wendy

Thanksgiving Feast



berries for the birds

providence for everyone

Thanksgiving feast




I’m trying to be more adventurous with my art.

In this picture I’ve included the backdrop that was in the photograph I took.

Sometimes a camera shot looks like a painting too.

Blessings on your weekend ~ Wendy